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Escape from the maniac in a new scary puzzle.

Have you ever completed quests in real life?

If you liked it, then we are ready to immerse you in a horror quest right now.

It all started with the fact that you got caught by a creepy maniac, the edge of reality in this place is a little lost. Something could be, and something could not be.

Something can be done, and something is not desirable to do, all this is in our game.

You have a task to get out of the room in 3 minutes, a scary room where fear and nervousness constantly consume you, diluting it also with the creepy atmosphere of modern horror.

There are only two choices, either to escape or to die.

Go through the rooms in 3 minutes and you will get out of this place, but remember, you have only 3 minutes in each room and the maniac is not ready to put up with the fact that you are coping.

Riddles are simple and at the same time complex, this is how our game will immerse you in itself, everything seems to be simple, but not anymore.

While time is running out, you can think and get out, but if it ends, the maniac has come up with many ways to punish you.

In the game you will find a lot of Easter eggs for various events, which makes it even more interesting to try to go through each room over and over again.

We wish you a pleasant game, and most importantly we wish you to have time to meet in 3 minutes!

Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
GenreAction, Puzzle


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I like it, nice concise escape room spook!

An awesome escape room experience! I had so much fun. Anxious af, but still fun lol. I love all the detail put into the game too



Voici ma nouvelle vidéo YouTube pour vous présenter le jeu 3 minutes :)

J'espère que ca vous plaira :)

Bon visionnage :)

Great puzzle game, I loved it, keep ip up! :)

This game was great bruv. lmao my dumb luck got me through most of it but it was intense and fun all at the same time.

I want...  No, I NEED more of this in my life!  Great job devs!

Great Game!

A full play-through. Very fun game with clever puzzles. Some that change with each play-through.

I searched android not Windows pc

This is great puzzle and so tricky, but i have funny max......!!!

Comments below clip;

I can mince many words and utter many phrases, but you guys got me going.  That's the only thing that counts. There was this dense sense of urgency, and the need to move on; to keep going, onward and onward. Well done and kudos to all involved!

Gostei muitoe tiver que pensar muito pra resolver cada sala 

graficos realistas e com o enredo surpreendente

vc fez um otimo trabalho! Gameplay 

3 Minutes Gameplay PT-BR!

enjoy the game enjoy
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Great puzzle. I like this)

sad, my phone not support this game :(

Great game! I like your puzzles.

oof this was a good one!! Thanks for the brain bending!!

loved this one 👌🏼

3 Minutes Escape Scary Room | Gameplay

Great game! I like your puzzles.

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honestly this game surprised me. Most indie horror games here offer a few jumpscares and nothing more but this game is genuinely FUN. Fantastic puzzles, creepy atmosphere and of course the added tension of racing against the clock. Fantastic game dev looking forward to more for sure !

The perplexing puzzles were fun! My massive supremely wrinkly brain even took a while to figure these puzzles out. I was also shidding and farding a few times due to my imagination taking over and thinking spooky things were gonna pop up and scare me. Great work, took me more than 3 minutes...

Loved the puzzles! Loved the game! it reminded me of Saw, and I liked that a lot! Time stamp in description!

Interesting concept, I liked the look of the game, good work :)

The puzzles were really fun, but I do wish I could've seen the face behind the voice! But other than that, it was really enjoyable and pretty tense! 

hi, big thx for the great game. greetings from rosti 👍🙏😘

Really good game, was short but fun, i like the idea escape games, thank you for making this game Dev

I'M FAST WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (:

I Had Fun Figuring Out These Puzzles ! A Well  Designed Game!
Show post...

Hello Dark Play Game, my name is Bruno, I play indie games on YouTube, I'm from Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the game that is incredible, beautiful project.

I ask for help subscribe to the channel to help.

Gameplay Link:

This game had me tripping out. 

That Game Was Fun Keep It Up...

Really creepy game. The puzzles really made you think. Keep up the great work! 

Nice game dev! Really enjoyed this game. Please watch my video. Thanks!

thx for the game! 

Scam! It's not 3 minutes gameplay (no I was kidding, the game is fun!).



This was cool! The puzzles provide a nice challenge, and this game has a great atmosphere around it! I would've liked to see the person I was meeting though lol. But overall, an enjoyable experience! Great work!
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